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About us

It is our primary objective to provide legal services which ensure that occurrences, difficulties and events in our clients’ business and private lives that could wind up in court are kept to the very minimum. To achieve this we offer a comprehensive package of services for companies and municipal authorities as well as all manner of assistance related to property.
Despite such precautions, events may still sometimes lead to a legal dispute. A client may also seek our help at a point when a problem has already arisen. In such cases it is our goal to actually solve their difficulties, not merely to prepare a strong lawsuit and secure a favourable ruling after years of litigation, as neither necessarily offers a genuine solution.
In order to be maximally successful in achieving our goals, we try to look at an issue from more angles than just a narrow legal perspective. Our legal team can rely on the assistance of advisors and external collaborators from other disciplines and professions whose expertise is put to use in the interest of the client. In short if you have a problem, please come to us and we will begin solving it.

Comprehensive legal services are provided under the supervision of lawyer Václav Láska.


Mr Láska acquired his theoretical knowledge from his studies in Andragogy at the Faculty of Education of the University of Hradec Králové and Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň.
He gained his practical experience during a varied professional career. His professional engagements up to now include:

  • Eleven years with the Czech police as an economic crimes detective (1992 – 2003)
  • Two years as a journalist with Ekonom weekly magazine (2003 – 2005)
  • Seven years with Transparency International – Czech Republic (2003 – 2010)
  • Eleven years as a lawyer (2003 – present)

In our office works:

player Mgr. Barbora Kutovoa
player Mgr. Alena Průšová

Junior lawyer

player Mgr. Monika Vavříková

Law assistents

player Kateřina Skučková
player Nelson Villarroel

Office manager

player Romana Vaňková

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